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Feelin' Free!

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Original Songs and Stories for Developmental Movement

Eve Kodiak sings, narrates, and plays the piano (with a little help from her friends...)

This eclectic collection includes a song for Brain Gym® activity PACE, a song for performing infant reflex movements, a song from integrating the senses, three "Spaceship Game" narrations, two stories, a lullaby, and more. Information about various ways of approaching movement, including Educational Kinesiology, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Rudolf Steiner's Twelve Senses, Infant Reflexes, and Music Together. Photos.

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“Eve is magic! This music works for kids from one to ninety-one!”

—Eliza Bergeson, M. Ed., Kinesiologist and Performance Coach

“Kids love it! ‘Reflex Rag’ is a gem.”

—Ann Szaur, M. Ed., CTN, (Certified Traditional Naturopath)
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