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Eve Kodiak's Blogs


Manna With Ketchup

This is my new blog, subtitled "Conversations between Spirit and Body." It's a place for more personal reflections about how to find peace in life here on earth, now, in these extremely contradictory, confusing, and often violent times.

You'll find music, and poetry, and more "movement matters" - exploring infant reflexes and yoga and digging holes in the garden and anything else that seems to move toward some kind of sense. Pictures. Travels. Events and workshops.

It's just beginning, co-create it with me!

Movement Matters: Early Childhood Music & Movement Association

From the fall of 2010 until spring of 2015, I blogged for The Early Childhood Movement and Music Association (ECMMA). Here is an archival treasure trove of practical posts on child development - infant reflexes explained in terms anyone can understand, with songs and games and observations to go with them . . . along with posts about flying with children on airplanes, new (at the time) research on when babies are actually "overdue," resources and reflections. Someday I plan to edit them into a volume but meanwhile here they are!

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