Ambient Light: Improvisations for Cello, Piano, and Flowers. . . a half hour of peace for free.

Ambient Light, our new “Touchstone” for Colors in Motion, is out! It’s 32 minutes of improvisations for cello and piano, recorded by my son Damiel Faxon and myself. The visuals are a beautiful choreography of flower closeups melting into watercolor, realized by the team of Chris Graefe and Linda DeHart.

There will be a more extensive blog post in by tonight, with some photos and some descriptions and back stories . . . but for now, just sit back and enjoy the energy of spring emerging in sound and color and soul.

Creating a new cello/piano score with Damiel Faxon for Colors in Motion!

Well, Damiel Faxon and I left the house at 6 AM yesterday morning to beat the snow to the Colors in Motion studio in Boston – and we spent three amazing hours with Christopher Graefe, Linda Dehart, a very large monitor and hundreds of flower photos and water color paintings . . . we’re putting them together with our cello/piano score called “Ambient Light,” to be released in May . . .. part of Colors In Motion’s mission to bring calm to big screens in public spaces and in hospital rooms.
How often do we get to spend time with others who are totally committed to creating and sharing beauty? Tears flowed more than once!
There’s an article about the genesis of Colors in Motion  called Art That Transcends our Digital World in the new issue of the SHIFT Catalyst – enjoy!

And if you’d like to take a look, here are links my two previous Touchstones: Sleep Like a Baby  and Forms From Nature. 

Learn Brain Gym with Eve in January 2017! Course meets in Lexington, MA

I’ll be teaching the entry-level Brain Gym 101 course at The Kinesiology Connection in Lexington, MA, over two weekends – January 14-15 and March 4-5. This course is by client request, so we’ll cover the material with a focus on the personal/professional goals of the particular students. Some are parents of challenging children. Some are twenty-somethings who recently were challenging children. There are teachers and people in medicine. It will be an eclectic and friendly group.

My goals are: 1. to teach and practice the balance process so that it becomes an intuitive and everyday means of quick integration and peace. 2. to dig into the developmental background of the Brain Gym movements (we’ll be doing learning lots about infant reflexes, and how they affect us as we move through our lives). 3. to help everyone in the class come away with what they most need, whatever that is.

BTW – this course is a prerequisite for many other courses in the Educational Kinesiology canon, and it may be used for licensure.

Information about timing, price, etc. in the attached registration form. January 14 is coming right up, be in touch!

Brain Gym Registration Form

Eve’s Piano Improv avec Water Color – new video! Sleep Like a Baby CD!

Sleep Like a Baby Video.

My collaboration with the company Colors In Motion has resulted in this new “Touchstone,” a beautiful 30-minute video combining selections from my CD Sleep Like a Baby with the beautiful abstract watercolors of Linda Dehart and the computer graphics wizardry of Christoper Graefe. Enjoy it any time for free! (If you get lost on my new nascent website, Manna With Ketchup, just click on the “Sleep Like a Baby” post under BLOG – you’ll get to a blurb and a link that way).

Sleep Like a Baby CD.

This album – which includes another half hour of “lullabies and other love songs” – including favorites like Raisins and Almonds and Over the Rainbow and Moon River – originals, too! is now for sale on the web, in both physical and digital form through CD Baby. Click on the album cover to the right of the website to play samples, and the handy-dandy little cart comes up if you’d like to buy a song or the whole album. (It’s so cool – and a little weird – to be able to offer this. Feels almost illicit).