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About: Eve Kodiak


I do many things, but for me they are all one thing. Music, Brain Gym, Cranio­sac­ral Ther­apy, Reflex Inte­gra­tion, Yoga, Medi­ta­tion, Con­ver­sation, Play – these are simply ways to help people dis­cover the sense of their own whole­ness. Because ulti­mately that is what heals.


I began improvising on the piano before I knew what a piano was. At fifteen, I played a concerto with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and realized that I didn’t want the lonely stressful life of a performer.

At twenty-five, I found that my Ivy League education couldn’t help me sort out my confusion, and that meditation could.

I taught children music for many years and became curious about how they learned and why they didn’t, and this led me to Brain Gym and Reflex Integration. When I was forty, my baby son had difficulty nursing, and that led me to Craniosacral Therapy. At fifty-eight, I wandered into a Kundalini yoga class and found myself home.

These are some of the resources I draw upon with you - my readers, clients, audience members, students, and friends. Additional background can be found in my Curriculum Vitae.

Please also checkout my Movement Matters Blog that explores different kinds of movements and the ways that they affect our brain-body systems.