Eve Kodiak

Healing Philosophy

Healing Philosophy and Purpose


I frame all of my sessions in the form of a Brain Gym balance. When working with adults, this is usually explicit. When working with young children, I hold the intention for them. I find that this framework allows the client to be in control of the healing process - which is the only way healing ever truly happens. I consider myself a facilitator.


My “learning menu” (the part of the session where we do the work to change the current situation) and repertoire of “homeplay” (the work that is sometimes needed to maintain integration in daily life) is varied. I have recently added kundalini yoga, which is particularly useful as homeplay, and Sat Nam Rasayan, which is work that brings us to a place of neutrality where integration happens at a very deep level.

I am most well known for my work with reflexes, which also is involved in every session. To work with primitive reflexes is to work with trauma. Because the reflexes are an integral part of the brain-body system’s first response to a perceived survival threat, any time the reflexes become active, some remembered threat re-surfaces.

Active reflexes, when they are not addressed, can wreak havoc. But if we know how to work with the reflexes, when they appear we see them as gifts – opportunities for lasting healing, transformation, and new learning.

My reflex integration approach is two-pronged. Through my clinical practice, this work, based on a Brain Gym Balance format, is personal, one-on-one, and requires knowledge and subtlety and skill. Through my curriculum development and teaching, reflex integration work can be done, at home or in classrooms or play situations, by anyone with a moderate degree of sensitivity. Training is wonderful, but it is not necessary – the information is written, recorded, and choreographed into the songs and games, and those are a click away on a boombox.

I feel that it is important for reflex integration to be available to everyone – not just those who can afford to come see outside practitioners, or those who have IEP’s and get special help in school. This kind of work can transform a classroom from a place of chaos and dissociation to a place of peace and compassion. Through my book/CD sets, integration is available to everyone, simply by putting on the music and doing the moves together.