Eve Kodiak

Feelin' Free

Feelin' Free!   (CD and Manual)

Original Songs and Stories for Developmental Movement

Eve Kodiak sings, narrates, and plays the piano (with a little help from her friends...)

This eclectic collection includes a song for Brain Gym®activity PACE, a song for performing infant reflex movements, a song from integrating the senses, three "Spaceship Game" narrations, two stories, a lullaby, and more. Information about various ways of approaching movement, including Educational Kinesiology, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Rudolf Steiner's Twelve Senses, Infant Reflexes, and Music Together. Photos.

Eve is magic! This music works for kids from one to ninety-one!Eliza Bergeson, M. Ed., Kinesiologist and Performance Coach
Kids love it! ‘Reflex Rag’ is a gem.Ann Szaur, M. Ed., CTN, (Certified Traditional Naturopath)