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Rappin' on The Reflexes

Rappin on The Reflexes!   (CD and Manual)


Sensory Integration in a song?

Infant Reflexes in a rap?

Fine Motor Coordination in a finger game?

While kids move and sing along with Rappin' on the Reflexes, they practice developmental movements that increase their physical, emotional, social, and academic well-being.

But don't mention that to the kids. They're just having fun.

Rappin' on the Reflexes has been created for easy use by teachers, parents, practitioners, and anyone else who works with children. It can be used informally at home, as part of an office visit, or as school curriculum for increasing academic performance, easing developmental issues, and enhancing social interaction.

Rappin' on the Reflexes is for all ages. Some songs will appeal most to young children. Others (especially the raps) can move right on into high school and beyond.

What a masterpiece! It makes the reflexes so easy to work with... this is just what teachers needCarla Hannaford, PhD., author of Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All In Your Head
My friend loaned me her copy for the school year, and I couldn’t bear to give it up without ordering my own. My fidgety students get so focused and calm and happy moving through the ‘Turtle Shell!’ I've even offered it to the classroom teachers!Susan Mincey, Elementary School Music Teacher
A wonderful contribution to the field of child development.Gail Dennison, co-creator of Brain Gym®
The most effective integration tool I have encountered in my thirty years of working with children.Ann Szaur, M.Ed., CTN (Certified Traditional Naturopath)

The CD contains 23 songs, raps, and movement narrations. These progess in an evolutionary series, beginning with the primal movement of breathing, and on to spinal, up and down, same-sided and cross-lateral movements. The songs and raps can also be done individually.

Each chapter in the spiral-bound guide corresponds with a CD track, exploring the material in short sections entitled:

  • Development. Description of each reflex, with anecdotes.

  • Image. Relating reflexes to the stories behind each song and movement game.

  • Helps. Specific issues the songs address, e.g., gross and fine motor coordination (especially handwriting), bedwetting, self-comforting, and confidence.

  • Noticing. Ways to feel the reflex movement in your body.

  • Activity. Specific directions for the movement game.

  • Teaching Tips. Variations and ideas for individual and classroom use.

  • Photos. Children and adults demonstrating the movements.

  • CD Track. The corresponding song or rap. Many of the songs include children's voices.

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